Hope y’all doing okay with the quarantine. Meanwhile I came up with some stuff that can interest you in someway. We’ve got plenty of time now, staying and spending our time with the family has never been less important. When it comes to getting along with family, movies are one of the best choice that one can come up with. All these years we have watched many movies, but how many sci-fi movies we have given our attention to?

These are some of the best science fiction movies that I have watched and it definitely caught me in the eye. Here are the four random sci-fi movies that you can watch and get entertained.


Have you ever thought of another dimensional world? A world within a world? A super world? Well this movie answers all these questions! Directed by Brad Bird (directed Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol), Tomorrowland is a movie in which a teen is very eager to discover a world far beyond our imagination and unfolds the mystery of dangers that are yet to come. Well, I am not here to review it. This movie is worth watching. With all the tech and gadgets in the future world, oh man! who wouldn’t say NO to this movie?


This movie is an ultimate brain food who loves artificial intelligence. Caleb Smith, a programmer who is getting part in assessing the artificial intelligence by communicating with it. The movie runs slow at the beginning and starts to fire up the second-half. This movie contains little surprises that nobody can predict. Directed by Alex Garland, it is one of the best artificial intelligence movies that you can watch.


Well, to say about this movie, this is just something. A movie which combines romance and science fiction? yeah! This movie can be really interesting for couples who love science fiction. So Jim’s sleep pod gets malfunctioned and wakes up from his hypersleep. He and his partner named Aurora makes sure the entire spaceship doesn’t result into disaster. Directed by Morten Tyldum, this is another movie worth watching for your pleasant dinner.


Directed by Danny Boyle (director of 28 days later), Sunshine is a science fiction and an action thriller movie. Wait, what?! Yes! a thriller, this movie is one of the ultimate sci-fi thrillers of all time. Our mighty heroes depart from Earth to save the dying Sun undergoes many hurdles and puzzles to deliver the payload to the Sun. What’s the payload? No its a spoiler, I won’t say it. Amazing concept and visuals is hidden in this movie. This movie is the best choice for weekend nights and a cute little popcorn.

Published by Nagarjunan Gnanaprakasam

I am an automobile engineer who is passionate about writing tech stuff and help people fuel their brain as much as they want to!

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